Mother's Day 18th March 2012

by Stewart 6. March 2012 23:19


How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your family? Does mum get treated to breakfast in bed or showered with love and presents throughout the day? Though not commemorated on the same day worldwide, Mothering Sunday retains a similar meaning in all cultures. Many kids choose to say thank you by giving presents like gift hampers, but there are also other, more unusual traditions.

Serbia – Materice - Serbian mums are showered with love on the second Sunday before Christmas. Perhaps one of the most entertaining Mother’s Day traditions, on Materice morning children sneak into their mum’s bedroom and tie up her feet. In order for her to be released, she has to negotiate with the kids, handing out small gifts to try and make a deal. Although it’s the children who receive gifts, at least mum’s the centre of attention…

Mexico – Dia de las Madres - Lucky Mexican mums get a day and a half’s worth of pampering. Traditionally, children gather outside their family homes on the eve of Dia de las Madres (May 9th) and burst into song serenading their mums. Church communities hold festive masses throughout the country on May 10th where orchestras play Mexican birthday song “Las Mananitas”, and volunteers shower local mothers with “tamales” - which consists of a corn husk or plantain leaf with a sweet or savoury filling - and the hot drink “atole”, a traditional morning meal.

Australia - Aussie mums get all the attention on the second Sunday in May. A local custom is for children to show their respect by wearing a carnation on the day. Colourful blooms signify that a person’s mother is alive, while white flowers are worn to pay tribute to mothers who’ve passed away.

However you choose to celebrate this year, don’t forget to give mum a lovely Mother's Day Hamper brimming with some of her favourite goodies.