The Royal Baby Competition

by Stewart 23. July 2013 23:48

So its official Will and Kate have had a baby BOY!!!!

Now begs the question of what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will call their son. To keep the public guessing the name of a Royal baby is not always revealed straight away. In the case of William, his name was not announced until a week after his birth, and it took a whole month before his father’s name was revealed to the world.

So what name do you think William and Kate will decide on? For a chance to win a Highland Fayre Union Jack 2 Person Chiller (see below) enter your suggestions in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can provide your answer on both our Facebook and Twitter pages.

(Enter our Competition for a chance to WIN a Highland Fayre Union Jack 2 Person Chiller)

Those who guess correctly will be put into a prize draw and we will contact the winner to arrange sending out their prize. If no one guesses correctly then we will put everyone into the prize draw and pick out a winner. So get guessing now and lets see what everyones suggestions are!

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The Rhubarb Club's Tantalising Taste Journey

by Stewart 9. July 2013 01:49

When attendees of the Rhubarb Club woke up on the morning of the 6th June 2013 I bet they were unaware of the multi-sensory journey they were about to embark upon later that afternoon. The most senior of individuals from the hospitality, tourism and business industries transcended on the Prestonfield House Hotel to have their eyes opened, and (in some cases) taste buds amplified by one man - Ewan Henderson

(The fabulous decor of the Prestonfield House Hotel.)

Ewan, founder of Scotch Broth Events, is the first to link ground breaking science and avant-garde research with Scottish food and whisky. In his events he takes the palate on a journey of discovery and through his unique style teaches you how to experience new taste sensations.

Always keen for audience participation, Ewan made quick work to include The Rhubarb Club by conducting a test to see who the “Supertasters” in the room were. It was intriguing to discover that only 25% of the population are supertasters - those who have a unique ability and greater sensitivity for taste.

Any misconceptions the audience had about taste were quickly removed as Ewan explained about the debunked “Tongue Map” model and how more than 70% of taste actually comes from the nose.

(Despite the tongue map being debunked in 1974, there is still alot of misconceptions where the majority of taste comes from.)

This was later proven with another practical exercise in which the audience had to put a jelly bean in their mouth while pinching their nose.

(Discovering the science of taste. Source:

The Rhubarb Club is a high level networking club run three times per year (February-June-October) by the Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland (HIT Scotland). For more information about up and coming HIT Scotland events please visit . For more information about Ewan and his company Scotch Broth Events follow him on twitter @aNipandTuckin and visit the company’s Facebook page. Also if you like a wee dram then check out our food hampers that include some of the finest Scotch Whisky out there.

Have you ever been to a tasting event? Did you discover that you were supertaster or experienced a new taste sensation? If so let us know about it by adding your comments below.

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