The count down to New Year

by Stewart 19. December 2013 19:17

With the festivities almost upon us our thoughts have turned to planning our New Year’s party!
Planning for another celebration as soon as Christmas is over can become stressful but with these five New Year’s Eve party must-haves you can be sure that your 2014 will start with a bang.
1. Decorations

You’ll no doubt still have your Christmas decs up when the new year comes knocking but adding a few extra touches will really brighten the place up.
Some “2014” table confetti and balloons is a fab place to start when adding a bit of sparkle. 

2. A signature cocktail

Photo Credit: Wellenbad

Cocktails are experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment and a New Year mix is a must. 

You don’t have to get too creative; there are lots of tasty and unique recipes online. Why not try mulled mojitos or a chocolate and raspberry martini?


3. Good food

If you’ve got fabulous drinks then you need some spectacular snacks to pair with them.

Have a hamper filled with luxury treats delivered straight to your door and cut out the hassle of shopping while ensuring that you receive the highest quality produce.

4. Fireworks

Photo Credit: Edgar Olivera

If you’ve got a big garden and a competent adult then fireworks at midnight are a must-have.
There’s something completely magical about a fireworks display and with so many wonderful variety boxes for sale you can tailor your display accordingly.


5. Champagne

No party is truly complete without bubbly and a New Year with no champagne is absolutely unthinkable.
If you’re hosting a party make sure you have enough for re-fills and if you’re attending one why not have the host’s name printed on the label to commemorate the date.

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Employer's guide to the Christmas party

by Mhairi MacLeod 16. December 2013 21:04

Your staff are preparing to have a festive bash and you can get excited too, but only after you’ve ensured that plans are in place to make sure everyone enjoys themselves!
Have a read of our employers guide to the Christmas party before the festivities begin:
Conduct a quick survey

Etiquette expert Thomas Farley says “if every year you are having half the staff not showing up to your office party, you are doing something wrong.”
Try conducting a LinkedIn poll to see what your staff would like to do. Their answers may surprise you.

Health and safety

Consider health and safety as a priority; makes the point that “assessment of the risk before the event is crucial: both to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries and to help defend a claim should the worst happen.”
Consider limiting the availability of alcohol and perhaps forgoing booze yourself to keep an eye on everything.

Remember professional conduct

Susan Adams from says the Christmas party is “not the place for personal confession, expressions of frustration or speechifying about what you’d do with the company if you were in charge.”
Remind your staff that they are in a professional environment and should bear that in mind.

Dress code

The Forbes Style File has an interesting take on what to wear to the Christmas party; they suggest that we “keep in mind that a certain kind of office dress code still remains… do not wear deep cleavages, sheer blouses and dresses and skirts that are too short or too tight.”

Consider detailing the dress code in an office wide memo so that everyone knows what is expected.

Don’t talk shop

Zoe Mintz from the International Business Times says “try and limit how much you speak about work.”
Ask your staff about their families and their plans for the festive season; really listen to what they have to say and you could find that the party is great for your reputation too.


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What staff really want this Christmas

by Mhairi MacLeod 6. December 2013 01:37

A recent survey by job site Glassdoor found that 73% of respondents wanted a cash bonus from their employers at Christmas time.
If bonuses aren’t realistic for your company or you’re just not on board with cash Christmas presents then you can still give your staff gifts that will help ease the financial burden of Christmas.
Here are our five favourites:
1. A food hamper

A hamper is an exciting gift to open and one that is truly practical too.
Give your staff a hamper filled with a couple of bottles of wine and some classic Christmas staples and it will save them some money on nibbles and drinks for festive guests.


2. Vouchers

Photo Credit: Noricum

As opposed to gifting your staff vouchers for a coffee shop or the cinema why not give them vouchers to redeem on the high street?

If they need to they can spend them on their Christmas shopping and save some much needed cash.


3. A lottery ticket

Photo Credit: Aleszwe

We’re not saying that your employees will definitely win millions but the thought of it will make for a memorable Christmas present.

Plus there’s always the chance that you’ll make someone’s Christmas if they hit the jackpot!


4. A day off

An extra day to see family and friends is really valuable at Christmas time!

It might even save you money in the long run if your business is winding down for Christmas and you don’t need to pay for heating and electricity for a day.


5. A thank you

Photo Credit: Lisacreativeniche

No matter what you give your staff this Christmas it has to go alongside a great big thank you from you to your employees.
A feature on suggests that a handwritten note can be just as effective as a big bonus when it comes to making your staff feel appreciated so make the effort and you’ll soon reap the rewards.


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