Get Cooking with Your Hamper

by Alice 11. September 2014 20:12

Lift the lid on one of our hampers, and you’ll not only find an array of tasty nibbles – you’ll also open up a world of culinary possibility!

From imaginative condiments to ingenious ingredients, the contents often inspire our whole family to get together and try making something new.   

Take the Trotters Honey Mustard and Summer Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from our Artisan Harvest Gift Box, and voila! Simply shake these flavourful creations together and you’ll have the perfect salad dressing.

Strathearn Oaked Highland Gin

The star of this hamper may just be the bottle of Strathearn Distillery Oaked Highland Gin –we’ve found that it just needs spritz of tonic water to make a great accompaniment to your salad. 

If want to give your culinary efforts a little firepower, you’ll love the Hot & Wicked Artisan Hamper. Simply Add Chili have created a devilishly versatile melting pot of Strawberries, Scotch Bonnet and Habanero which can be used in everything from Asian to Mexican dishes.

For anyone aiming to keep their spread as Scottish as the artisan ingredients, why not combine your Thistly Cross Cider with the chilli paste to make a truly innovative broth for West Coast mussels? Go on, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

© Jana Reifegerste via Flickr Creative Commons

A tad more classic, The Whisky Sauce Co.’s Scotch Whisky Syrup from our Scottish Artisan Fayre box is the ultimate grown-up garnish. We love to drizzle it over everything from haggis, neeps and tatties, to Sunday Roasts and big beefy burgers. 

Ardent bakers, fear not, you won’t be left in a pickle! In fact, we predict any cake connoisseur will be a very jammy baker indeed when they get their hands on SuperJam’s delicious Scottish preserves.

Their 100% Strawberry Pure Fruit Spread promises to be the jewel in the crown of any Victoria Sponge, and also comes in the Hot & Wicked Artisan Hamper

© Carwyn Lloyd Jones - Dylunio Creadiglo via Flickr Creative Commons 

If you’re feeling adventurous – or you’ve been swept up by ‘superfood’ fever – the Blueberry & Blackcurrant 100% Pure Fruit Spread from the Scottish Artisan Fayre box also goes down a treat!

Sweet or savoury, simple or daring, our hampers have the potential to bring a totally different dimension to your cooking!