Corporate Gifts with a Personal Touch

by Alice 6. October 2014 19:16

The old adage ‘you can’t keep everybody happy’ might seem especially relevant when you’re trying to find a gift that will appeal to your whole company.  

After all, despite sharing a professional interest, it’s unlikely that your team will all covet exactly the same items. And although gift vouchers might seem like the obvious resort, they hardly show you connecting with staff on a personal level.  

But what if we told you that you could retain a personal touch, without having to individually source every gift?

With our corporate hampers, the possibilities are as diverse as the personalities in your business!

Personalised Las Condes Cabernet Sauvignon

Rewarding and incentivising staff shouldn’t be underestimated, and encouraging healthy competition between team members is never a bad thing. Of course, the knowledge you’ve done a great job should be enough to motivate anybody, but adding an aspirational prize to the glory definitely won’t hurt.

Our personalised bottles of wine and Champagne are ideal for this  – with the option to include your company logo plus a custom message, you can add a name or simply include ‘employee of the month’ on the label to boost friendly rivalry.

Nothing makes staff feel more valued than knowing you’ve paid attention to their specific tastes, requirements and interests.

For instance, if there’s a coeliac in the group, or a team split by their love/hate relationship with chocolate, you can tailor separate hampers within one order to accommodate.

And it’s not just your employee personalities that can determine the hamper contents.

Gluten Free Gift Basket

Bespoke brand hampers are also available – whether you want to theme the contents around your company colours, or compile a selection of goodies that give a nod to your geographical origins.

Of course, Christmas is drawing ever closer and there’s nothing more obvious than a present that’s been purchased as an afterthought.

Christmas Velvet Luxury Hamper

Impress clients, or ensure your best team players have the indulgent Christmas they deserve, with the likes of our Christmas Velvet Luxury and Festive Celebration Hampers. Each one is packed full with celebratory treats including fine wines, nuts, preserves, cheese, cakes and more to guarantee a truly cracking Christmas!

Take advantage of our bulk discounts, and we can deliver your entire bounty of gastronomic gifts to individuals or all to your office, leaving you free to focus on more pressing matters.