The Island Bakery

by Alice 6. June 2014 18:05

A floating paradise off Scotland’s west coast, Mull is a haven for wildlife spotters, hill walkers and, more recently, biscuit lovers!


Founded in 2001, Island Bakery has been producing small batches of organic biscuits ever since.



Described by founder, Dawn Reade, as ‘pure organic indulgence’, the biscuit baking process is even powered using local woodchip and hydro-electricity…talk about feel good and taste good!


Traditional with a twist, Dawn wanted their biscuit recipes to be organic yet indulgent:


“How the biscuits taste is the most important thing which is why we’ve developed fun recipes like apple crumble and chocolate limes.

“At the time, organic biscuits had a reputation of being packed full of good stuff but not very tasty. We made it our mission to change this which is why Island Bakery biscuits are made with organic goodness but are indulgent too…every biscuit should be a little bit indulgent!”

More recently, Island Bakery’s packaging has undergone something of a facelift. Decorated with quirky, fun characters which express the unique personality of Mull, Dawn explains what inspired their rebrand:


“We want every Island Bakery biscuit to be a taste of Mull. Our packaging should be no different! There are so many reasons for visiting the island and so many characters you meet along the way, we wanted to share them with the world and our biscuit boxes seemed the perfect place to do this.”

Lovely as an accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee, Island Bakery biscuits can also be used as a delicious ingredient in a host of recipes, as Dawn explains:


“My personal favourite is using Lemon Melts as a base for a yummy lemon cheesecake. I’ve also had customers say they like to add our Apple Crumbles to natural yoghurt topped with fruit compote. For the ultimate ‘cheat recipe’, use our Chocolate Gingers as a key ingredient in homemade tiffin; the unexpected ginger kick always creates a talking point!”


To whet your taste buds even more, take a look at Dawn’s biscuits as part of our artisan range.