Welcoming Thistly Cross Cider

by Alice 12. June 2014 19:15

Thistly Cross Ciders were created on the back of two inspirational words, “why not?” That encapsulates exactly what artist Peter Stuart and farmer Ian Rennie thought when they opted to collaborate in 2008. 

Their desire to give things a go has seen them creating delicious flavours since they first began. As a result Thistly Cross has now won several awards for the high quality of the unique cider they make. 

The long journey from their humble beginnings at rain-soaked farmers’ markets has proven a very worthwhile venture. Their reputation is steadily rising and the company is well on the way to becoming a household name.


The company is based on South Belton Farm in the heart of the picturesque East Lothian countryside. Their policy is to only use real fruit in the cider press and there are no artificial flavourings in any of the drinks they produce. The freshness of the ingredients presents itself in the taste from the first sip to the final drink.

For the serious connoisseur, a flavoursome non-alcoholic elderflower cider is available.  This is made with real elderflowers.

With summer just around the corner, Thistly Cross are creating an enticing cider made from garden-fresh strawberries hand-picked from their very own farm. Of course, they believe cider is there to be enjoyed all year round and have an extensive variety of flavours to suit this.

We chose Thistly Cross Cider for our artisan hampers because every batch is made with care, passion and a healthy dose of creativity. Now picture yourself in a comfortable garden chair, the sun beating down and an ice-cold, fruity cider in your hand. We certainly can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend an afternoon.