St. Andrew's Brewing Once Again

by Alice 23. June 2014 18:55

Here at Highland Fayre we love products that have been created by passionate, hard-working people. 

We also love it when those products are absolutely delicious – and that’s exactly what Eden Brewery’s fine range of craft beers are.

Owner Paul Miller set up the company in 2012 – exactly 110 years since the coastal town of St. Andrew’s last laid claim to brewery ownership.

His aim was a simple one: to make an exciting range of high-quality beers that the town could be proud of once more.

Taking inspiration from the Haig’s distillery that once stood on the same site - he implemented the brewing methods of yesteryear into their process. 

This allowed Eden to create a fantastic range of traditional, contemporary and exciting progressive beers. 

And as far as making the town around them proud, they certainly succeeded. In just a few years they built up a passionate and eager fan base of loyal customers.

The customers were particularly taken with Eden’s desire to create new, distinctive flavours. There have been several batches of special ‘one-off’ beers that were almost instantly snapped up once unveiled.

Siobhan Macleod, Eden’s commercial manager, believes the most rewarding part of brewing the beer is seeing the entire process completed on site in front of her own eyes. 

"Everything from the brewing and bottling to the labelling is done by the small team of dedicated staff on-site".

We highly recommend you try Siobhan’s favourite drink – the Oak Wood Rum Barrel. 

"It is a lovely summery beer with a fruity flavour - it reminds me of being abroad with great weather".

Much in the way St. Andrew’s is now a town proud of their brewery, we’re proud to bring you Eden’s craft beers in our artisan hampers.