Say ‘I do’ to the perfect wedding gift

by Alice 19. August 2014 01:31

Marriage and feasting have gone hand in hand down the aisle of history, and we certainly believe that long and happy lives together benefit from a profusion of great things to eat and drink!

Catering to all budgets and personal tastes, our wedding hampers give a nod to this time honored tradition in unique style.

For brides and grooms that have it all, a personalised bottle of wine or Champagne is the perfect flourish; who wouldn’t love a bottle of fizz with their name on it!

If the happy couple fall firmly in the ‘foodies’ camp and will spend much of their married life in the kitchen, they’ll appreciate any gesture that guarantees gastronomical bliss.

Packed full with locally sourced delights, the Luxury Scottish Artisan Gift Hamper promises many delicious experiences to look forward to on return from their honeymoon.

Relaxing over the Sunday morning papers with Trotter’s Suzanne’s Marmalade, Super Jam pure fruit spread and ‘Cranston Hill’ Espresso Blend. Hosting their first married dinner party with Thistly cross cider aperitifs and Isle of Arran Cheese atop Stag bakery Seaweed Oatcakes to finish…There are so many possibilities to discover, it’s hard to resist buying one for yourself too!

For a gift that they’ll love and cherish year on year, the Jewels in the Crown Luxury Hamper really fits the bill. Presented within a gorgeous chest, this lavish selection box is a treasure trove of fine wine, rich food and indulgent nibbles.

Epicure Duck and Orange Pate, Monty Bojangles French Cocoa Dusted Truffles, and The Condiment Co.’s smoked salmon, lemon and black better dip – these indulgences shout ‘something special’ making this big gift perfect for big days.  

Forget settling for the last desirable item on the wedding gift list, and give your friends or loved ones a taste of the finer things to enjoy.

Personalised Birthday Presents

by Mhairi MacLeod 17. October 2013 12:40

Birthday presents are great fun to buy and even more fun to receive. 

With personalised presents becoming ever more popular there are lots of options to choose from. 

We’ve chosen our five favourites:

1. For the gardening enthusiast

Photo Credit: Suzette

A personalised herb box is a lovely gift for anyone keen on gardening and it’s so compact that it will fit into even the smallest garden.

Plant the box up with lots of seasonal herbs before wrapping it in a bow and gifting it to the gardener in your life for a present that will be remembered for a long “thyme”.

2. For the music fan

Photo Credit: Max Geiger

There's a wealth of great music gifts online but our favourite has to be the personalised plectrum; with plenty of options to choose from you can have anything from plastic to solid silver with the recipients name engraved.

3. For the pet lover

Photo Credit: Jay

The pet tag has long been personalised but now the personalised pets scene is taking off!

Personalised pet bowls and mats are a thoughtful gift for a pet lover and they will probably appreciate a gift for their moggy or doggy far more than a gift for themselves.

4. For a couple

Buying separate presents for couples isn’t necessarily the way forward. 

A personalised poster with their names and hobbies printed is a great idea and one that is sure to please both halves of the whole.

So whether they like fish and chips or holidays to Troon you can give them a truly personal gift.

5. For the acquaintance

If you want to buy them a gift that feels personal then a bottle of wine with their name printed on the label is a great idea.

You can give a gift that they are sure to like while also showing that you have made a real effort.

For more ideas on personalised gifts visit our Personalised Gifts page.